8 Inch Step On Mound

Presenting an exciting, new look, carbon fiber portable pitching mound line called the "ARS FORTE SERIES". The first ever portable pitching mounds made of lightweight carbon Fiber. These one of a kind mounds solve every inconvenience associated with portable mounds. Extremely durable, lightweight, simple & easy to transport, carry, set up & pitch.

The ARS Forte 2,000 is for games, practices, indoor or outdoor use. Made out of carbon fiber, formed in a reinforced shell allowing the entire mound to weigh only 27 pounds, it is the lightest & strongest full size youth pitching mound in the world. Easy transportation & carrying out to any baseball field, stadium or park. The carbon fiber is also one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world, allowing these mounds to last throughout a pitchers career. 

On the cutting edge of portable mound innovation & engineering, for the first time ever bringing car, boat, plane & aerospace technology to baseball. Developed by a former Major League pitcher for a professional pitching mound look, feel & the durability is second to none.

The pitching rubber is flush to the top of the mound just like a professional mound.
The top of the mound & in front of the pitching rubber is flat, perfect for balance & control. Allowing a pitcher to have solid & consistent mechanics, throw consistent & well located pitches, just like MLB pitchers.

 Also applied is a non slip, anti fatigue, textured surface. Great footing, never slipping or sliding when a pitcher throws a pitch, pushes off the pitching rubber & lands on the ramp of the mound. Artificial turf will wear down overtime & become slick in those areas in front of the pitching rubber & where a pitchers front foot lands. The bottom edge is coated with a non slip, highly durable material that allows for indoor use & on hardwood gymnasium floors with no sliding or scuffing floors.

The ARS FORTE 2,000 is patented technology engineered for convenience & durability. Strong enough to handle game speed with the biggest & strongest pitchers but light enough for the smallest pitcher or mom to carry out to any field or park.



6Inch Step On Mound


This ultra lightweight travel mound is for the game or practice. The mound weights 18 pounds making it the lightest
 portable mound on the market and also is compact enough to fit in any car trunk with the dimensions being 3ft long by
 3ft wide and 6 inches high (official little league height). 

 The Carbon Fiber is reinforced with core honeycomb materials used in aerospace for a lightweight but extremely
 strong final product for a very long lasting pitching mound.




ARS FORTE 1000  $600.00

ARS FORTE 2000 $700.00