Q: How much is shipping to my location?

A: Shipping cost varies by weight rate and location.  Go ahead and fill out the order form and it will calculate your shipping for you.  You can view your shipping costs with no obligation to purchase.  No one sees your credit card number until you make the final commitment to purchase.


Q: I am getting errors when I attempt to add an item to my shopping cart.

A: Please email us if there is a problem with our site we will get it fixed so that you can place your order ASAP.


Q: I am getting a message that there is no shipping service available to my location.  What do I do?

A: Your order might weigh too much.  Try placing the order in pieces or email us so we can talk about shipping on large orders.


Q: When will my item be shipped?

A: If you place your order before 5:00 PM PST your order should ship out the next business day.


Q: I cannot select what size/color/model number I want to purchase.

A: Some internet browsers do not support our selection menus.  Our site is best viewed with Internet Explorer. If you do not have Internet explorer go ahead and place the order and put the sizing and color information in the comments section on the order blank.  If you cannot fit all of your information into the comments blank, please send us an email with the information you need to add.


Q: Is the pickup day counted in the UPS delivery time?

A: No, you need to add the pickup day to the amount of delivery time that UPS says.


Q: Do you carry items that are not listed on your website?

A: Yes, email us, we will be happy to try and help you find what you are looking for.


Q: Why am I being charged sales tax for an internet sale?

A: Our warehouse and retail store are located in Benicia, California, so if you are a California resident you have to pay California state sales tax.


Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: It depends on the item.  Some of our suppliers allow us to ship outside of the United States, some do not.  Please email us to find out if we can ship your item.

Q: Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

A: Yes, email us to place the order.


Q: I am an equipment manager for a league.  Do you offer any special pricing for large quantities?

A: Please email us with your league information and we will contact you with more information.


Q: I would prefer to pay by money order instead of using a credit card.  

A: Go ahead and place your order online and select money order as your payment type.  Type money order into the box where the credit card number would go.  Type the date you plan on sending the money order in the expiration date field.  Complete your order by selecting shipping and printing out your confirmation.