PI 200

Original Model Shoulder/Upper Arm. It is the premier cold therapy product in the USA and international baseball markets. Provides coverage from midpoint of scapula to mid-point of pectoris including rotator cuff, upper arm and elbow.

PI 220

Youth Model Shoulder/Upper Arm. The original Pro Ice Shoulder design but custom down-sized for young players ages 8 - 12. Lightweight and easy to use. Start those youngsters on the road to injury-free careers with Youth Model Shoulder.

PI 400

provides compression and cold coverage of the medial and lateral epicondyles, points where tennis elbow pain begins. Can be used for all parts of the body including lower back, knee, hamstring, elbow and hip-pointer. 

PI 300

Wrist provides compression and cold coverage for the wrist from base of thumb to mid-point of the lower arm. The Pro Ice wrist is particularly effective for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

PI 500

Ankle is perfect for the hard to ice areas including ankle, instep and Achilles tendon. Adjustable straps allows for coverage for all foot sizes.